Escape from Reason and 10 Books that Screwed up the World and 5 others that Didn't Help

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Escape from Reason and 10 Books That Screwed up the World
Although the ultimate truth from God never changes, people’s rules and thought change. For this reason, as people change their standard and laws away from God’s truth, they face difficulties. To get through difficulties, people tried to find better way from their thinking. Even though people know that trading the truth with lies bring only destruction, they reject the truth. Furthermore, they say that the truth is the one brings destruction to the world. Because of their wrong focus to solve the problem, they get into deeper problem. The book of Schaeffer, “Escape from Reason” and other book of Wiker, “10 Books That Screwed up the World and 5 Others That Didn’t Help” listed some people’s works, which had made great change, and two authors also listed problems of the great works.
Escape from Reason
Escape from Reason started with a diagram showing grace and nature in the world. These two categories separated the higher part and the lower part. Schaeffer developed the point of people getting into deeper problem as they tried to delete the higher part which represent God. Whenever the creatures try to be independent from the Creator, more they put themselves in deeper pit. From all the examples of Schaeffer, one guy’s story stands out mostly because it was just hideous. Since the guy thought that whatever things please him was the best thing to do, he took some prostitutes and bit them. Because some people tried to delete God from their lives, they lost the truth. Without the truth, there is no moral law, but chaos.
Since all human beings were created in God’s image, they are special, but without Him, there is nothing special about human beings. For this reason,...

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... brought and still brings destruction to the world.
From both books, people should be flexible to take both sides of looking at the change. Today, Christians cannot let the separation to get thicker. Christians continually communicate with the world. For this reason, they need to know what they believe so that they can defend and explain to others. Many unbelievers know numerous things about Christianity to attack. Because Christians neglected their theologies, the world called them the fool who does not know the science. Like it or not, there is change occurring every single day. To face the change rightly, Christians need to study the truth. With their strong foundation of the truth, Christians also need to know how the world has been changed. Since all lies have consequences which were listed in two books, Christians can defend and show the truth to the world.
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