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“The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell Question 1 The plot of Connell’s “The Most Dangerous Game” is based upon the ironic reversal of roles between the hunter and the game. Rainsford declares that “‘the world is made up of two classes – the hunters and the huntees’” (8). He puts himself in the “hunters” class. However, he soon becomes General Zaroff’s “‘quarry’” (16) and experiences the fear of a hunted prey evading death. The title holds a double meaning, particularly with the word “game”. The word “game” is first used to discuss quarries and hunted animals. General Zaroff declares that he has stocked the island with the “‘biggest’” and “‘most dangerous game’” (13). The ensuing hunt is a “game” or “play” of skill; Zaroff likens it to “outdoor chess” (18). Rainsford becomes the object of Zaroff’s “sport”; he realized that “the general was playing with him”, as a cat played with a mouse (20). Rainsford is Zaroff’s greatest quarry in a precarious sport of wit and skill. Question 2 Suspense is very important to this story’s plot. The entire hunt is one suspenseful chase, with Rainsford desperately trying to evade General Zaroff. Suspense is first aroused when Zaroff begins discussing his “‘ideal animal to hunt’” (15) and Rainsford slowly realizes that he is Zaroff’s next victim. Suspense is sustained throughout the hunt as each encounter between Zaroff and Rainsford intensifies. Each time becomes more dangerous as Zaroff increases his force and Rainsford devises more clever traps. Suspense is maintained throughout since Zaroff and Rainsofrd never encounter each other face-to-face again until the end. The hunt between Rainsford and General Zaroff is primarily a game of skill and wit, yet chance and coincidence play a g... ... middle of paper ... ...s terror to the whole town. However, when the town chases after Dick, shoots him 300 times, and displays his mutilated body, Dick becomes a victim to the evil, unmerciful rage of the town. Dick is shown to be evil, but the town even more evil in their response. The conflict between good and evil is an internal struggle. Dick battles against the peaceful teachings of his religion and the resentment boiling inside him. “Child by Tiger” has greater moral significance. “The Most Dangerous Game” is basically an adventure story, which takes the reader to another world of exciting events. “Child by Tiger” shows the evils of prejudice; racism in this story destroys a man and mars a whole town. It also attempts to make the reader ponder upon the nature of man and evil. Like the narrator, the reader must attempt to understand Dick’s nature and where his evil originated from.
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