Erythematosus Spectroscopy

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REASON PROCEDURE: Endoscopy. INDICATIONS Patient with lupus erythematosus, dysphagia. I am to rule out esophageal stricture, rule out reflux esophagitis, and consider esophageal motility disorder. PROCEDURE IN DETAIL Time-out was called. Consent signed. IV sedation administered. The forward-viewing endoscope was passed into the esophagus, stomach, then to the second portion of the duodenal without difficulty. Upon withdrawal, the following findings were noted. FINDINGS Duodenum: The first and second portion of the duodenum were evaluated. There was evidence of duodenitis with erythema noted within the duodenal bulb. No specimens were obtained. No ulcerations were seen. Stomach: The stomach was empty of all contents. There was streaky erythema within the antrum consistent with nonerosive gastritis. No specimens are obtained. The proximal stomach was normal. No hiatal hernia seen.…show more content…
There was no hiatal hernia nor is there evidence of reflux esophagitis. The more proximal esophagus had a normal esophageal luminal diameter. There are several white plaques in the proximal to mid esophagus suggesting Candida esophagitis. A biopsy was obtained to confirm this. The procedure at this point was discontinued or terminated. IMPRESSION 1. Candida esophagitis suspected, status post biopsy. 2. No evidence to suggest reflux esophagitis nor other changes suggesting eosinophilic esophagitis. Pathology pending. 3. Nonerosive antral gastritis observed. No specimen obtained. 4. Nonerosive duodenitis observed. No specimens
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