Ernest Rutherford

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Ernest Rutherford was born in Brightwater, New Zealand on 30 August 1871. He was the son of James Rutherford who was a farmer in New Zealand, but originated in Scotland. He and his wife Martha Thompson moved out there to grow flax and raise their kids. At birth his name was misspelt as ‘Earnest’ on his birth certificate. At the age of 5 he and his family moved to Railhead near Foxhill so that they could attend the local school. Then at the age of 10 they moved again to Marlborough Sounds so that his farther could be closer to his flax mill. In 1887 on his second attempt he won the ‘Marlborough Education Board Scholarship’ to Nelson College. From 1887-1889 he boarded at Nelson College and was head boy in his last year. He then on his second attempt won one of the 10 scholarships to Canterbury College. Whilst he studding he participated in the debating society, science society and played Rugby. He then graduated with a BA (bachelor of Arts) in Pure Mathematics, Applied Math’s, English, French, Latin and physics. his mathematical skill won him the senior scholarship in mathematics...