Ernest Hemmingway

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“They only want to kill when they’re alone. Of course, if you went in there you’d probably detach one of them from the herd, and he’d be dangerous (Hemingway).” This quote from Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises helped light the way for many new authors. Hemingway devolved a unique writing style that left mysteries readers had to solve on their own. Hemingway is best known for his signature writing, the Iceberg Theory. Hemingway deserves to be in the literary canon because he is a master of diction, his stories are unique and original, and he developed a writing style that many authors still use today.Ernest Hemingway was born on July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois. His mother was very repressive and protective whereas his father, a physician, was very masculine, often taking him fishing and hunting and sometimes bringing him along to professional calls. These early experiences introduced Ernest to an adventurous life style. The influence of his father’s masculinity eventually led to an obsession to prove his own. When Hemingway’s father committed suicide it left the boy emotional scared. He shows this in many of his books, “it usually involves a desperate risk, and behind it is the shadow of ruin, physically or mentally (Warren 3).”
When the United States entered World War 1, Hemingway joined the Red Cross medical service. He served on the Italian front as a medic. He performed an act of heroisms during a mortar bombardment. Hemingway was badly injured in the knee from shrapnel, but he managed to carry a wounded soldier to an aid station. Afterwards he was decorated for his bravery and rejoined the Italian army as a soldier. He also served in World War 2 in a division that captured Paris, his favorite city. It is said that the first ...

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...s main characters do. The main character is actually Nick because he tries to help Ole confront his death, but when he refuses
Hemingway was extremely influential to many authors, he showed the world that stories did not need to be detailed and concrete. He showed that threw simplicity and mystery a great story could be told. He made it so his story had a sturdy base line to help guide the reader, but leaving out the main idea for them to uncover. He was able to do this because he was master with diction, being able to strip away most of the true story and still get the main idea across would require little to no ideas or hints that could cause a reader to stray from the central idea. Many authors have tried to do what Hemingway did, but their stories rather than taking away some of the background would leave holes in the story where they were unsure what to write.
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