Ernest Hemingway's Style Essay

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Ernest Hemingway is a world renowned writer who is known for his short and to-the-point yet unique style. While being greatly praised for his style he is also greatly criticized for it as well. His body of work includes numerous poems, short stories, and various novels as well. He even won the Nobel Prize in Literature for his story “The Old Man and the Sea.” The panelists awarded him for his overall mastery of the English language and for his modern unique way of narrating. Hemingway was one of the most famous people who represented the “lost generation”. This so-called group was a congregation of young writers who were some of the large contributors to the great collection of modern literature today. Some of these people were others who, like Hemingway, were somehow involved in World War I. Along with World War I, Hemingway was also a part of World War II. His history with women was not very good likely due to his lack of a mother-son bond throughout his childhood. He was also an alcoholic which greatly affected some of his writing. Some of his hobbies included fishing, boxing, and hunting. Early on he was hired as a reporter and a journalist. His style was to observe everything he saw and then to report on it in the most brief way possible, not overdoing it with too many unwanted details. Hemingway was known to be a very adventurous man & craftsmen who looked to get the most of out life that he could. He spent most of his time meticulously revising his work over and over. He wanted to make sure that his work was as short, brief, and lacking of detail as possible. He lived his life to the fullest and was known to be a very kind person to his acquaintances and family. But on the other hand he was very quick to get angry and al... ... middle of paper ... ...d his ‘fiction’ life gave his work a sort of irresistible attractiveness as he lead a life of fame and adventure. Hemingway most definitely followed a new and unheard of path in his style of writing. He was an innovator and was one of the most important writers of his time. There is no doubt that he didn’t face many struggles throughout his life, but these experiences also shaped his style and created a new way of writing which is praised and looked up to today. His main message was that man is a small helpless person placed in a big scary world that can push him and bring him down. He believed life is unreasonably evil and unfair and that if there is love for anything, life will take that anything away from you. Hemingway was a genius of his time and is still one of the most influential authors in the world today because of the original and unique style he created.
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