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Ernest Hemingway was born in Cicero, Illinois, on July 21, 1899. His full name was Ernest Miller Hemingway, education at Oak Park and River Forest High School. He died in Ketchum, Idaho on July 02, 1961. Ernest lived through several life threatening injuries like; anthrax, malaria, pneumonia, skin cancer, hepatitis, diabetes, two plane crashes, and so on. He was also a failed KGB spy. Ernest lost his wife in the first plane crash, but the next day he was in another. One day Ernest was at his favorite bar and took a urinal home with him, because he said that he has pissed some much money away into this urinal that he might as well own it by now. I think Ernest Hemingway is a really awkward person from some of the pictures I have seen of him. Ernest Hemingway likes to shorten and describe his emotions when he is putting them in his books or stories. He also likes to stop short of writing or describing things. In my opinion I believe that Ernest Hemingway has lived a very rough and difficult life his whole life. Ernest is a very odd man to me, I honestly have never in my life ever met someone that describes anything I have read about him. He is also a very interesting man that loves to express his feeling, and also what happens in his life in his stories and books. I believe that if I were to read some more of books or short stories that I will be a better book reader. He explains stuff in his own words and I believe that him and I think alike or at least on the same level. Ernest is a very sophisticated person that produced most of his work between the mid-1920s and the mid-1950s. He won a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954. Apparently Ernest Hemingway either had very bad luck or just was not good with women, because he had four d... ... middle of paper ... ...his people. I think he refused to go, because he felt sense he left his animals behind, that he deserves to left behind by his people. I wish the old man would have just went with the rest of his people, because he did the best thing he could have done for the animals. In my eyes this story was very well written, and stays on the topic through out the whole story very well. If I could have changed anything in this story, it would be, I would have given the old man a name. The reason I would have given him a name is because the whole time I was reading this story I was wondering who the old man was. Works Cited "Ernest Hemingway - Facts". Nobel Media AB 2013. Web. 25 Feb 2014.,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=nlebk

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