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Ernest Hemingway The writer/artist that I chose to enlighten you with has inspired many writers as well as literature majors for many years. He continues to tickle our imaginations with the legacy that he has left us with. This man was as genuine as you can get. He was loved by many. He made an impact on any life that he came across. This man is non other than, Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway was a free spirit in an unattached sense. He loved adventure, as well as the drink. He was somewhat enterprising and approached life with added enthusiasm. Hemingway was loyal to himself through living life to the fullest, when times permitted. By this I mean, most people have had a few hardships by choices made without addressing an outcome. Yet, it seems that in Hemingway's youth, improper choices did not faze him in the least. He approached every day as if it were anew, forgetting the woes of yesterday. Hemingway was a handsome man, tall and built. He was sensitive, energetic and had a superb toughness about him which made for a solid spirit. He had luck on his side, as well as an imagination that most would love to be blessed with. He could take any situation and turn it into a story that would catch your attention until the very end. One of his sons states, "when you knew my father for a long time in his youth you could only love him and marvel at him, and when you knew him when he got older you could only be sad or bitter- depending on how well you had known him when he was young". ( Gregory H Hemingway, M.D. "PAPA" A Personal Memoir 1976) This tells me that as Hemingway approached the comming of age, he expericanced a somewhat "dry" well. As we all grow older we slow down, as well as become of a more boring state, and it is ... ... middle of paper ... ...n any future writing. Unfortunatly Hemingway found it too hard to go on, feeling forced to suffer from the loss of his one true love, writing. Heminway commited suicide on the morning on July 2nd, 1961. The apple doesnt fall far from the tree. It seems as if the suicide trend had been passed down through the generations of males within his family. If you read closely into his life, you see a man full of passion, and a vitality which many of us only wish to have. Hemingway has set an example within the literary world. He is admired by many and loved by anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing him, or the opporitunity to know the legend himself through his works. Works Cited Hemingway, Gergory H. M.D. (1976). "PAPA, A Personal Memoir." Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. Ernest Hemingway Biography>Childhood

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