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Noble Prize Winner Ernest Hemingway lived a troubled life. Several marriages, various faiths, and ultimately a losing fight with depression. However Hemingway left a profound impact on American Literature in both style and theme. Born July 21st in 1988 in Illinois, Hemingway came from a middle class family. He grew up in a Christian family, and later converted to Catholicism marrying his second wife (Nobel Prize). Serving as both a soldier and a journalist in several wars Hemingway lived a full life. Hemingway wrote a several novels which reflect his life and experiences such as For Whom the Bells Toll being an early novel and The Old man and the Sea being a later novel. Both novels present Hemingway's writing style of smooth "contemporary" and simplistic style. A simplistic approach to writing style sets Hemingway apart from his 20th Century Literary colleagues (Brandl 1). More importantly his simplistic writing style conveys emotion, Hemingway's emotion during the time period of each respective novel and of his own inner emotions. It is Hemingway's direct and personal style which allows readers to comprehend the moment and associate with the text. Through the text Hemingway's pain is felt and experienced through metaphors, symbolism, and a lack of adjectives which express his opinion. Growing up in a Christian household and being evangelized into the Catholic church Ernest Hemingway may be considered a religious man on paper. However through his Novels it is his opinion on subjects of religion, faith or spirit are expressed upon. As a result of his personal experience Ernest Hemingway expressed his troubled life through his novels, however Hemingway felt that individuals rely on faith or spirit to get them through tough situati...

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