Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Hemingway Who is Ernest Hemingway? Ernest Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois, an upper-middle-class suburb of Chicago("Ernest Hemingway"par 4). He was born in the front bedroom of grandfather Ernest Hall's house at eight o'clock A.M., July 21, 1899. His parents were Dr. Clarence Edmonds and Grace Hall Hemingway. Ernest was the second child and his sister, Marcelline, was born eighteen months earlier. He also had two other siblings. Carol was born July 19, 1911, in the southwest bedroom of Windemere Cottage. Leicester Clavence Hemingway was born on April 1, 1915. He was soon named the Pest. Ernest was proud to have a little brother. In the spring of 1911, Hemingway attended Holmes Grammer School. Teachers there praised him for a story called "My first Sea Voyage". Although Ernest didn't admit it in school, the story was based almost identical to his uncle's childhood experience. In the fall of 1913, Ernest entered Oak Park and River Forest Township High School, which had just been relocated in a new four-story building...
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