Erich Fromm Theory Of Love

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The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm (1956) explores Fromm’s methods of different forms of love with input from other psychologists including Sigmund Freud. Erich Fromm considers a variety of different forms of love while providing information regarding one’s ability or inability to love. Love is an art which requires practice, patience, and understanding. Similar to other forms of art, love requires mastery as well as great attention to detail. Fromm’s theory of love is broken down into three specific sections; each section exploring the depth and true meaning of love in different relationships. Erich Fromm begins his theory by expressing the difficulties in achieving love, but stating love is an important art and a part of life. Love is not simply a feeling we have towards others. Love is not easy to express nor is being loved easy. People should find the importance in loving and being loved while putting effort into gaining knowledge about the art. Fromm believes in three errors which cause people to view as something other than an art. People are focused on being loved rather than loving, putting the emphasis of love on an object, and “falling” in love rather than being in love. Each of these opinions of love causes people to believe love is easy and does not involve knowledge and effort. An understanding of love as an art and not an attitude allows for more successful and loving relationships. The first section exploring the theory of love is “Love, the Answer to the Problem of Human Existence.” The first section analyzes how humans experience separateness and how love is needed to void this feeling. Erich Fromm discusses different cultures in history and how each overcomes separateness to develop loving relationships. Love in... ... middle of paper ... ...oncludes narcissism cannot be present in loving relationships; we must consider others in all relationships. For successful love, we all must have faith in the art of love. We each envision the love we want and by practicing our faith for love, we can have successful love. The Art of Loving can be closely linked to psychoanalytic therapy in counseling theory. Fromm discusses the benefits of love in his book; one benefit of love is loving relationships. Loving relationships can build our character. Similar to Freud, Erich Fromm discusses the importance of love, based on our life instincts (Corey, 2015). We have a need to be in relationships, feel love and give love, and close any separateness. Our unconscious need for love motivate individuals to find love based on the instinctual need. Individuals consciously are aware of the love they need to feel and need to give.
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