Eric and Rob

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Eric and Rob

At Westview High school, sports were a big thing. If you didn't do sports it meant that either you couldn't make the team or you just didn't want to try to make the team. Eric and Rob were twin brothers that had been attending this high school for 2 years. They both enjoyed the school but most importantly the sports that the school offered. Now Eric was very gifted in sports and was named an all American in Track. He received tons of attention from not only the teachers and guys, but also the girls. Girls loved him now because he was named an all American. He soon became the most popular person in their school and soon nobody even paid any attention to any of the other athletes. It had become so bad that races took almost an hour longer just because people wanted to see and get his autograph.

Of course, Eric thought that this was the coolest thing. Soon Rob, who Eric used to do everything with, became a nobody in Eric's eyes. There was no more playing sports together, no more going out and seeing movies together on weekends, no more anything. This only made Rob jealous and mad. He was happy that Eric was considered a great runner and popular but at the same time he was a nobody in everyone else's minds. Rob didn't want to hurt Eric though so he just tried to deal with it and hoped that soon Eric's fame would disappear. This didn't happen as Rob had hoped. Soon Eric was gaining even more recognition for his athletic ability and Rob was just getting more jealous.

After some time Rob could not take it anymore. Rob didn't want to start a fight or anything and he knew that people weren't just going to start to think he was good or anybody else for that matter. So Rob decided that he would challenge Eric to a race. Eric, being full of pride and feeling invincible, took the challenge without even thinking about the course of the race that Rob had come up with. See Rob was a good cross-country runner while Eric was a good track runner. Rob had challenged Eric to cross country race. The race was to take place through downtown Portland.
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