Eric Thomas Reflection

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In that video I watched, Eric Thomas explains reasons why not to give and sacrifice things that ain’t really important. Eric talks about his life, his past life and his struggles in school. The video was a great to inspire others to stop being a little kid and actually become an adult. What he said is kinda similar on what’s my essay is about, not similar as his because everyone has different stories. He has been thru alot in his early life then later college has changed his life and also he’s a great motivator.
What can I improve on, there’s a lot of things to improve. Here’s the flaws that I don’t like. Everyone keeps telling that I’m too shy, too nervous, too weird and to find my confidence. I don’t not like hearing people telling me that
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I know why I’m so shy, nervous and weird. The reason why, is that when I was younger, I was born with a defect. When I mean about, I know it is a big deal because I know people have it way worse than me. When I was born, my tongue was stuck and I’m beyond thankful for that for whoever remove that problem. Of course, it was hard to me to talk. People told me as a kid, it was hard to talk and actually eat. By the way, I eat a lot. I’m thankful for the people who taught me how to talk. When people tell me “ why are you so shy”, I don’t not what to tell people about my speech disabilities. What I can improve on that, is to improve more on my talking so It, at least give me more confidence in myself. Even my best friends don’t even know about this. A lot of people respect me for that. Everyone wants respect. When people call me weird, I really don’t get mad but I get insecure about it. One of my best friends, told me that i’m weird and realize more things. Of course it hurt me but he wants me to be confident about myself and without people making fun of me.But I’ve had been improving on myself that’s…show more content…
This song is basically means that he’s successful and the people who kept it real since day 1 are still with him expect Meek Mill. When I look back on how much I made it. I beyond proud of myself. I recently graduated from Delano High School, I know it ain’t much but that’s a big deal. In high school, any that involves creativity I got a good score on it and people tell me that I’m really creative. In my pottery class in High School, my teacher loved my artwork and one of my pots when to the art show in my High School. Of course I’m proud of myself. I even help out my best friend on getting a better grade on that grade. In my senior year, I have to take an English 9 class aka an english class with freshmens. Not gonna lie, it wasn’t that bad they even liked me. In that class, I helped out a lot of freshmen on their problems. But my last semester of high school, I dropped the class because I was going to BC instead. The freshmen in that told me that I’ll be great as a teacher. LOL. With that open class, I wanted to be a Teacher Aid for one of my favorite high school teacher. Of course, I got the class and I helped my teacher with everything. I wanted to helped him out because he helped me out in the class. I also helped out the underclassmen with their math problems which was nice. I remember my last day in that class, I still help him out with being a
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