Eric LeGrand: An Athlete´s Story

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October 16, 2010 is a day that Eric LeGrand, former defensive tackle for Rutgers University, will never forget. During a game against the Army Black Knights at Metlife Stadium , LeGrand made a tackle that would change his life forever. His dream, as a child, of being on the cover of Sports Illustrated would one day come true, but not in a way that Eric Legrand would have ever imagined. This tackle that Legrand made on October 16 would be his last tackle on the field, but he would have many more tackles to make in life. Today I’m going to introduce you to Eric Legrand. I’m going to tell you about the kid that dreamed of becoming a professional football player, the college football player that he became, and the inspirational man that he is today. Eric LeGrand was born on September 4,1990 in Avenel ,New Jersey. Eric grew up with his mom, Karen, and sister, Nicole. Eric grew up in a single-parent home, as his father moved out when Eric was in first grade. From a very young age Eric wanted to do anything that involved sports. He started playing football at the age of four when a neighborhood dad suggested Eric’s mom sign him up for Pop Warner football because of his size and energy. He also played little league baseball and some basketball. He loved all three sports, but soon figured out that football was his favorite and the one he was most serious about. When he was a freshman in high school he made the JV football team for Colonial High School, but due to other player injuries he was called up to play on the varsity team . His lucky break came during his freshman year while playing varsity.The Rutgers University coaches were watching recruiting film on a different player that played against Eric, but Eric was the one that got t... ... middle of paper ... ...all program.His No. 52 is displayed on the upper deck’s video box it hs 600 led lights and shines bright during the night games. Eric is also a part of the Rutgers Football radio broadcast team. He talks during the pregame, halftime, and postgame. Eric had always dreamed of playing football then after his career be a football analyst. Eric Legrand defied the odds. He proved doctors wrong by having determination, bravery, and a hard work ethic. "Whenever I tire during rehab or the mountain looks too high, I remind myself of this singular goal that drives me. Someday, when I can walk again, I want to visit the spot on the Giants Stadium field where I went down. I want to lie on the artificial turf one more time and take a deep breath. Then I'm going to pull myself up to my own feet under my own power and walk away. Believe it will happen, because I do” (Eric Legrand)
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