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Eric Arthur Blair, known by his penname George Orwell, was born on June 25 1903 in India. He comes from a British family and his parents belong to the Imperial System in India. At the age of one, George travelled with his mother and sister to England and stayed in Henley-on-Thames. George barely knew his father until he retired in 1912. At the age of eight, he went to St. Cyprian’s school where he often got bullied by his classmates and teachers because he was a sick and weak child. After he graduated, he went back to India to serve the Imperial System. After five years, he went back to England and started writing books. In 1937, Orwell went to Spain and joined the Spanish Civil War where he got severely injured. His experiences in Spain had made him into a revolutionary act. ‘During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act’ (Orwell) Afterwards, he went back to England and was diagnosed with tuberculoses in 1938. In 1941, he became a reporter for BBC. His job was to change the history of what the British army did in India. He lied through the media for the British Government. George published 2 satirical works, which are there to attack the political system, towards the end of his life; Animal Farm, which is the third most read book in the world, and was published 9 years after he wrote it. The reason why George Orwell wrote Animal Farm is to attack the political system and to make people laugh not just at the political system but also at their stupidity. On the other hand, Nineteen Eighty-Four was published in 1949 and is also known as the Bloody Novel. Unfortunately Orwell had little time to enjoy his success of Nineteen Eighty-Four and died on January 21 1950 in England at the age of 47.
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...chanting ‘Four legs good, two legs bad’. The dogs, Napoleon’s private army that used fear to force the animals to work; they killed any opponent of Napoleon. They represent Stalin’s loyal KGB.

There are many conflicts in Animal Farm for example, the underlying tension between the classes, the animals ending back the way they used to be but with a worse leader. The pigs are more equal than the other animals although Old Major said that all animals should be equal, the pigs think they are better than the other animals…

The climax is that in chapter seven, Napoleon runs Snowball off the farm and declares that the power to make decisions for the farm will be exercised solely by the pigs. The falling action is Squealer justifying Napoleon’s actions. The rising action is when the animals throw off their human oppressors and establish socialist state called Animal Farm.

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