Era Of Reconstruction Essay

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An iconic time period for the United States was best known as the Civil War. This war in its worst moments still brought forth a change in the American society which was arguably, slavery. Unfortunately, the change that sought for came at a costly price. The lives of over 700,000 Americans were lost in exchange for the freedom of over three million slaves. The time period that came after the civil war was what many famous historians would call “The Era of Reconstruction”. Though this particular era was difficult to maintain, it was necessary for the nation to rebuild, implement new laws and add structure. Huge criticism of this era was largely due to the fact many Americans did not know the importance that was contradicted nor the reality of reconstruction, and what this era actually did for the nation. The contradiction that was implied was this so called “Splendid Failure.” This phrase took into account of how successful and unsuccessful this period was. Reconstruction indeed did work, but to an extent. It was great that it even took root in the first place or as Fitzgerald puts it, “The striking thing is that a serious attempt to establish racial equality was made at all” (Fitzgerald 3). American leader had the components to rebuild the nation but because of the centrality of slavery at the time, even post war…show more content…
Family are torn apart, lives are lost, and life eventually goes on. Change however, is an advocate of this matter. History is constantly changing when nations fight amongst themselves. The Civil War is no exception when it comes to it. We the people, are reminded by the fact that slavery does not exist anymore because of the civil war era. Many do not talk about the reconstruction era because it was unsuccessful to say the least. This does not delude from the main topic that this period completely ratified the three precedented amendment that would lead America into the next
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