Equality for All: Gay Marriage

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Throughout time, many have fought for the rights they believed they deserved and those guaranteed by the constitution. With each of these battles, those seen as “below the majority” were usually victorious. With that said, there is an inevitable future for the homosexual community to be eventually equal to everyone else. The question remains, what justifies the right for a gay couple to have the same benefits as a heterosexual couple? Gay marriage has been a wide spread issue for quite a bit of time and multiple arguments have been made as to why it should not occur, but none of them stand valid against rights provided by the constitution. Many individuals are quite passionate about the issue whether it is in hopes to get a law passed for their own benefit or to help others who will be finally able to join in union with their one true love.
The debatable argument of whether or not gay marriage should be legal has always intrigued me and been a topic, which I am quite passionate. Personally, I believe that everyone should be equal despite his or her sexual orientation. Even though I am not a relative to, close to, or am homosexual, I still feel a strong sense of devotion towards the fight for the legalization of gay marriage due to my beliefs and morals. I do not feel that it is right to deny a group of specific people the benefits guaranteed to everyone else. My life would not be directly affected if a law was passed promising every one of any sexual orientation the right to wed, but I hope to be a part in gaining that benefit for those that have been previously denied it. Also in the process of researching, I hoped to gain an understanding of whether or not the arguments of those who oppose equality can disconfirm the reasons ...

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