Equality In Sandberg's Fight For Gender Equality

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Conditions are not the same as decades ago. Women have changed as well as men have changed. Feminism should not keep saying that women have been oppressed by a male-ruled hierarchy because that has changed. Sandberg admits that conditions are not the same when she talks about her grandmother. She wonders how different her grandmother’s life would have been if she had been born nowadays (643). However, Sandberg, as many others feminists, points out that there are still some barriers to overcome regarding women equality. The solution that feminists like Sandberg propose is “urge more men to become part of the solution by supporting women in the workplace and home” (658). But, the solution is not about a gender supporting the other gender, it…show more content…
Fighting for gender equality should consist of creating an environment where everybody has equal opportunities to expand their potential. From this perspective, feminism should stop telling women what they should do to be recognized equal to men and foster opportunities for them to reach their dreams. Feminism cannot force women to be or to do something just because they think is good for women. It is not necessary to have more women taking men’s positions to have an equal society, as some feminist leaders such as Slaughter points out when she states that it is necessary to put more women in leadership position to create equal conditions for women in the work place (Slaughter 695). This is not a solution to confront the real problem. Johnson clearly explains this problem when she remarks “I think the solution is not just to say, “OK, all women should become engineers now. (…) So it’s not just saying women are wrong to go to this jobs. Neither is there evidence that as soon as men move in, the wages go up” (658). Feminism frustrates women when they tell them what they need to be equal to men because they do not need to be equal to be. What they need is a society that grants her equal opportunities. In addition, feminism leaders tell women that they will face many challenges because this is an unequal society and that they will not be able to be successful in both their professional and personal life as Slaughter concludes, “women can’t have all at once” (93). It is not surprising why women face inequality since they grow up hearing those negative statements. Sandberg addresses this matter when she notes, “women are surrounded by headlines and stories warning them that they cannot be committed to both their families and careers” (655). Ironically, Sandberg’s article is full of those headlines. She makes claims such as “working women is rarely
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