Equality In Americ Freedom, Liberty, And Equality?

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What is freedom?
The question is what is Freedom? Back then freedom, Liberty, and Equality were major issues in America. In the past, America dealt with a lot of mistreatment and did not have freedom, liberty, and equality in the United States. Although each word has different meanings, they come together at one point. The two main words tie into freedom; which is liberty and equality; reason being many individuals wanted freedom, they wanted equal rights amongst their-self , and they wanted their own independence. After dealing with so many problems in the world, the United States finally gained freedom, Independence and equality. The United States not only brought slavery to an end, but the United States became a world of equality, freedom
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He wanted equality and liberty for his Indians “I believe the above clearly demonstrates that the Indians were totally deprived of their freedom and were put in the harshest, most horrible servitude and captivity which no one who has not seen it can understand”(Foner 8-9). Indians did not have Freedom, they were treated with no respect. No one cared about the way the Spanish was mistreating them. When the rules changed the Indians started to live in the world of hell. “They would go then, falling into the first stream and dying there in desperation; others would hold on longer but very few ever made it home” (Foner 9).. The Indians were mistreated and alone in this dark world. The Spanish was so harsh to the Indians that they would walk past dead bodies on the way home, they would hear people moaning in their death of their agony, and hearing each other crying out for food. Las Casas who was one of the Indians who wanted “freedom, the good treatment and the Christianity that Indians received” (Foner 9). He wanted to point out to the Spanish and let them know this is what you call good treatment, this was more of slavery. Going through starvation, dying in desperation, was not freedom, liberty, or equality. This treatment was outrageous. The Indians were not the only ones who were being mistreated and did not have freedom. African Americans also did not receive freedom. African Americans…show more content…
They insisted that slaves were better of free laborers in the North and that blacks were inherently liable to lapse into “barbarism” if freed from the supervision of paternalistic whites” (Foner 217). The United States believed that holding slaves was wrong. However individuals believed that since the bible had slavery why couldn’t the United States. Yes! The bible had slaves but slavery is not right. I believed everyone should be treated equally, and fairly. Frederick Douglas who also did not believe in slavery who desire freedom experienced slavery. Frederick Douglas “became a major figure in the crusade for abolition, the drama of emancipation, and the effort during reconstruction to give black freedom” (Foner 207). Douglas fought for the rights for freedom and also for the women rights. He believed that everyone should also be treated equal and fair. Having independence, freedom, liberty and equality means a lot to every individual because you should be able to have your
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