Equality: Equality, Diversity, Equality And Equality

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Diversity is differences between individuals and groups of people. There are many things about a child or young person, that are similar or have in common, but diversity means that they are also different from each other and unique in many ways. Diversity is about recognising that each child is different, but also valuing their differences. Differences could be culture, background or race. A way to create a productive environment in an early years setting, is for everyone to embrace, understand and accept these differences.

Equality means that every child or young person has the right to equal access of support. Although every child is unique and different, they should still be entitled to equal opportunities, which is suited to their own needs and requirements. As a nursery practitioners we aim to understand and
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If the job is done correctly, then it is unlikely that discrimination will occur. However there may be times in a nursery setting, where deliberate or inadvertently discrimination could take place. For example nursery practitioners could choose to give a girl a girl’s toys or boy a boy’s toy, without intention. If a child had just started in a setting and the nursery practitioner was giving/showing him all the boys’ toys he could play with, racing cars, dinosaurs, or trucks. This is discrimination against the child’s sex, but will most likely been done without intention. Deliberate discrimination could be someone discriminating against a child or another work colleague because of their race, religion or belief, but can also be because of the way someone looks, or their gender. Although deliberate discrimination against a child is wrong, and will not be tolerated, inadvertently discriminating is just as bad. Their attitudes and actions may get in the way of opportunities for children, young people and adults to be able to grow, learn and

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