Equality And Equality: The Importance Of Gender Equality

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In this sociality, the lack of gender equality in the working space is not fair. Every one should be equal. We live in United States where we are all suppose to be treated equally and not be doubt on what we can do because we are females. Females are as powerful and equal as men. In history the female sociality has made a big impact in our life 's now. They gained the respect for us to have a opportunity to vote and be successful in our careers has well as high paying jobs. But this issue of not having the same respect for men as for women is still proactive. Gender equality is the promotion of equal consideration for all genders. Historically, this has been started from the form of promoting women’s rights. When at that time it was a male- domination society. Stated by an article,“Gender Equality” it is quoted,”In the early United States, the primary issue relating to gender equality was suffrage. When the country was founded, only property-owning white men could vote. New Jersey was the first state to give voting rights to women, granting suffrage to women who had more than $250, in late 1776. This decision was quickly reversed, however. In 1848, the first women 's rights convention…show more content…
This is issue is not equal, the future can not continue like this. Women should never be discriminated in there work because of there gender.This is not a issue that is only concerning in the United States. This issue is world wide, Stated by a blog, “How Can We Achieve Gender Equality in the Workplace?’’ it is quoted, “Women are less likely than men to be associated with leadership positions in the UK. At this time 43% of large firms have no women on their board and only 34.7% of smaller firms have female directors; however the Lord Davies’ 2011 review called for 25% of directors to be female by the end of 2015, so this is an encouraging

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