Equal Rights Protection to Same-Sex Marriages

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The United States has a spotted history regarding social inequality in various areas. Same-sex marriage is one of the most controversial issues in America today. The Department of Justice is currently preparing to issue a statement to give same-sex marriages equal protection under federal law as traditional marriages. The intend of this paper is to illustrate how social prejudice against sexual orientation carries some of the same affects on people as racial and gender inequality. This paper will provide examples of racial and gender inequality in comparison to the inequalities sex-same marriages some people are currently experiencing. It is the writer’s intent to demonstrate how same-sex marriages are unlikely to negatively affect society as a whole.

In America, traditional marriages have been one of the (Concept ID 1) social norms since the beginning of its establishment. (Concept Df 1) “Norms are expectations, or rules of behavior.” (Henslin, 2012) (Concept App1) Our society is deeply rooted in religion, which facilitated many of our views, in this case toward marriage being between man and woman. This is still the main viewpoint today for a majority; however, many people are starting to come around to the idea that same-sex marriages will have little affect on their daily lives. Now days, one by one many of the norms are being corrected to provide a fair existence to all people no matter their race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. The same rights and privileges will now become available for what some people still consider norm breakers of tradition marriage.

In our society, religion plays a significant role in people views toward sexuality and set the social norm long ago as wrong if one has abnormal feelings for t...

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...n regarding same-sex marriages. It is right thing to do by providing the same federal protection and right to same-sex married couple as traditional marriages. The Department of Justice will change the lives of those individuals in the best way, by providing the same tax benefits and legal obligations as other current married couples experience today. Our society is still growing and reshaping opinions is part of that needed growth.

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