Equal Rights

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In many ways history does repeat itself, similar trends and events from that past often find a way in reemerge in modern times; civil unrest, different movements, and even certain fashion trends are a good example of this. One particular movement that is very predominant in this day and age is the gay rights movement. Though I am not gay, it does touch close to home when a bill, SB 1062, almost passed in the state of Arizona that would allow business to deny service to anyone who as apart of LGBT community. So when we were asked to relate a current event with a past event that we had studied, this immediately came to mind in conjunction with the African American rights movements that we just studied. The earliest records of the gay rights movement date back to 1924, when the Society for Human Rights was founded. It wasn't until twenty years later though that Harry Hay, who is now considered the founding father of the gay rights movement and the founder of the Mattachine Society, that small steps in the LGBT community really began to unfold. Since then the LGBT community has bee...
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