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Epilepsy is not what you think. It is a complicated disease, a disease that doesn't just affect one type of person or age. Over fifty million men, women, and children cope with this disease daily. Epilepsy is a mysterious disease to those who are unfamiliar and uneducated about the disease. Many people have preconceived notions about Epileptics. Researching the topic thoroughly, the five preconceived notions I explored have been proven to be false.

People uneducated about Epilepsy may have confused thoughts on what it really is. People have these "notions," which are partly or entirely not true. So, throughout this research paper, these notions will be proven untrue, mostly by factual information given by Epileptics talking about their lifestyles living with Epilepsy.

Epilepsy is defined as signals in ones brain signaling abnormally, resulting in an Epileptic attack. These attacks vary greatly from almost unfelt sensations, to body strickening convulsions. Some people will have at least one seizure in their life, but to be considered an Epileptic a person must have had over two seizures.

Myth #1: Epileptics are unintelligent. Many people in the world classify Epileptics as being people who are not capable. They consider these people to be the students in the below- average classes in school, or people with below- average jobs. Research has proven this presumption to be False. Epilepsy can occur in people with average intelligence, or above-average intelligence. Many distinguished people from American history have endured this disease. For example, the Russian writer Dostoyvevsky was rumored to have Epilepsy, along with the philosopher Socorates, and the military general Napoleon. T...

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...ry would be unlikely. Doctors have decided that if the area affected is near any part of the brain controlling speech, sight, movement or hearing, the surgery would not be considered safe. Since doctors have created such strict stipulations, the success rate is now at 70% for full recovery, with the absence of seizures. (NSE) Through either AED's or surgery a person can usually find a treatment that works best for their individual situation. Nothing completely destroys the disease, but it does make it manageable for the carrier.

So, Epilepsy is a very complicated disease. There is over 40 types of seizures, affecting men, women, and children, with treatment options of AED's (Anti-epileptic drugs), or surgery. Through my personal experience and research, my thoughts were changed. Hopefully it will open people's minds about Epilepsy and the people who have it.
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