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Many philosophers’ goals is to figure out if we do truly we exits and if we do why do we exist? Some agree that if we have the ability to question our existence then we must exist, or else we couldn’t question it. So once we have determined that we do in fact exist we must find out why we do. Is there a reason or a goal to our existence? Do the gods affect people on earth or care about as much as humans think? And what lies after death and should it be fears? Many Philosophes try and come to a conclusion, one of those was Epicurus.
Epicurus was a philosopher born in 341 BC in Samos and died 270 BC in Athens. During his lifetime he taught that the key to life was happiness and friends, that pain and irrational desires caused people to live an unhappy life. He believe in Ataraxia; peace from fear and Aponia; the absence of pain. He believed these two would act as building blocks to a happy life. He defined the two different pleasure as “pleasures of the flesh” and mental pleasures.
Epicurus in a way was an atheist but still believe the gods could exist but not in the way we believed. They were simply beings far away that were ultimately happy. This tired into his metaphysical beliefs, he didn’t believe in a after life and that everything was made of atoms and nothing more. This believe in atomism is explained as nothing really existing just atoms bouncing off of one another. That everything is atoms in a empty void. This is why he didn’t fear death, once we die out atoms would slowly disperse and nothing more would happen. Epicurus believed that the gods were made of atoms just like humans; this made them the same as humans. So we should forget about our worries with the gods and life a fulfilling life.
Epicurus felt that the ulti...

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...ould achieve maximum happiness. But humans are very emotional being out wants and desires will always get the better of us from time to time. Humans will be irrational; they will want things they shouldn’t. They might even worry themselves trying to achieve the four part cure, they could worry they aren’t achieving it quickly enough or that it might not be working for the. So while pleasure and happiness is natural for us so is fear and anxiety. But perhaps this was why Epicurus felt the gods were beings of unlimited happiness and not humans. So that we do work to be like the gods, we cannot truly be like them. People must learn that happiness is being able to deal with our anxieties rather than try and forget them. Acknowledging what makes you anxious and try and control it rather than think it can be fully rid of, because not all anxieties can be fully ridded of.
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