Epic Of Gilgamesh Analysis

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In the literature piece “The Epic of Gilgamesh,” Gilgamesh plays the main character revered as a two-thirds god and a wealthy leader according to his profile as the king of Uruk. His subjects consider him to be powerful, but most complain of living a life of oppression under his rule. However, despite his earlier misgivings, Gilgamesh emerges a hero in the end after coming to terms with the idea of death following his futile pursuit for immortality. He realizes some of his fruitful efforts in Uruk with regard to his intelligence and skills, thereby experiencing a subtle transformation pegged on productivity. In a positive perspective, Gilgamesh is a valiant character as is depicted in his earlier battles with beasts regardless of the odds (Mitchell). A hero is a person who is willing to take the risks to ensure that he secures a place and rids it off possible threats for the sake of his subjects or loved ones (Olley). The literature piece has evidence in this respect and it can be identified in his relentless mission to obtain answers that will ascertain death so that his people can also understand the concept and accept it. Gilgamesh’s bravery in protecting his people, zeal in power and eventual compassion certify him as a hero.
Along his journey’s Gilgamesh respects the people he meets even as he is inquisitive about the concept of death. He is patient with Utnapishtim, Siduri and Urshanabi. Gilgamesh stands firm on his purpose and is committed to finding the result even if it is not in line with what he desires (George 150). In some instances, he also appears to work past his pride as shown in the way he asks for strength assistance from the sun god, Shamash to kill the Bull of Heaven that was intended to bring seven years of ...

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Concisely, Gilgamesh is justified given his activities and endeavors throughout the text. He is strong-willed and self-driven regardless of the hardships he encounters. His focus in what he intends to indulge in does not waiver, but however, helps him to unveil some fundamental aspects in life. His people regard him highly and believe that he can conquer even the worst of situations. From his compassion, his respect and his leadership qualities, Gilgamesh creates a memorable mark in the vicinity of the people of Uruk. He is an exemplary figure who challenges other leaders in their ability to take risks. Whether or not he would find immortality did not depend on him but he took a leap of faith to know his fate and that of his people. The truth sometimes requires bravery as in his case. Therefore, Gilgamesh stands out as an impressive character in the text.
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