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Ephesians 2. Vs. 25: Paul begins with "Therefore…" Context is always important… Summarize the previous paragraph in one or two sentances, and show how it connects with the new paragraph. Paul is saying that that the way that these people had been living their lives is not the way that they were brought up. Paul is encouraging them to begin a new way of life as a Christian. In the next few paragraphs Paul is suggesting ways to live their new lives as Christians more thoroughly. 3. Vs. 25: Why is telling the truth so important? Why do people not tell the truth? What should we do when they don’t? Ephesians 4:25 say that we should stop telling lies because we are a part of a whole congregation. As Christians we are not independent individuals, we are people who are united through faith to form one body. By lying we deny each other the truth which changes decisions we would make and the way we would act. (Carson 1240) By not telling the truth, we can jeopardize the relationship of the believers. (Fee 189) People sometimes do not tell the truth because they are afraid. In the end the consequences of not telling the truth tend to be worse than if someone had told the truth in the first place. Often, this is hard to see, this is what makes telling the truth difficult for many people. When someone doesn’t tell the truth, it is good to let him or her know how their decision has hurt people. Sometimes people don’t tell the truth because they think that it would be in the best interest of themselves, or someone else, if they withheld, or changed some of the information. It is important to inform people who lie about the impact of their actions. 4.Vs. 26: Paul says we should "be angry." What were you taught a child about anger? Give one or two examples of when we should and shouldn’t be angry. What is the danger (sin) in being angry? What are appropriate ways to deal with anger? As a child I was taught that it was okay to be angry or mad sometimes, but it is important to know how to deal with our emotions so that we don’t hurt other people.
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