Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP), And Their Services

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Drew Dodson
SHM 352.001
Design Term Paper
May 21, 2014

Environmentally preferable products (EPP) and their services offer society much more benefit to our safety and health than their competition. These products allow us to build environmentally friendly architecture while still offering safe stability in its construction. EPP offers reduced effects on human health by looking for cleaner alternative methods as their more harmful counterparts. These products have a wide scope of use including products from manufacturing and distribution, to maintenance and disposal.
The goal of EPP products is to reduce consumption of material while building new and improved architecture by recycling earth’s natural resources. As builders and as a society we are now researching alternatives that can be made from more recyclable content. This allows fewer components of newly made goods that essentially waste our planets valuable resources and replaces them with material already present. This allows us to reduce the ache and hassle of making new products and having to deal with their negative life cycle impacts. This can cut building costs and help promote a healthier, safer, and more sustainable earth for the next generations of life.
There are two major requirements when picking environmentally preferable products. The first requirement comes in local production area and mandates the use of “products that were extracted, processed, and manufactured locally for the following components; framing, aggregate for concrete and foundation, drywall or interior sheathing” (U.S Green Building Council). These goods are required to contain 90% of the EPP product being substituted. The second requirement, quite like the first consists of different materials...

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...very day that can perhaps take precedence over the current products that are in place. This is why EPP products will always be comparative, until the absolute best earthly product is found.
The services that EPP products provide humans and the environment expand way farther than most people can fathom. Each EPP product has the potential to replace the next inefficient product. The world and the global economy is rapidly changing because of EPP, in building and construction it has quickly taken the reins on what society views as a valuable good. With the research being performed by the EPA and other agencies, I don’t see EPP products taking a backseat again anytime soon.


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