Environmental Sustainability Pros And Cons

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Then of course there is the question of environmental sustainability. Anyone who has ever lived next to a factory farm would testify that CAFOs are detrimental not just to the natural environment but to the social environment as well. Since CAFOs tend to be clustered in specific regions throughout the country they end up creating these highly polluted zones. Many of these regions start off as beautiful rural towns but once the CAFOs move in and set up shop things slowly begin to take a turn for the worse. Since CAFOs hold such high volumes of animals they must also handle high volumes of manure. This untreated manure is often filled with pathogenic microbes, toxic organic particles and traces of antibiotics. It is shoveled out of the feed lots…show more content…
With a growing world population whose majority lives in poverty and hunger, we must always keep in thought how production here can help people there and that really drove my argument at the time. I could not imagine who someone would advocate for a system which produced pricier meat and at much lower quantities when the world so desperately needed cheap and high yield. My mistake was my ignorance on just how badly convoluted the meat industry was and how much about our meats we just don’t know. We have been conditioned to place quantity over priority for the sake of cheapness but quantity should never take priority over quality especially where our health is concerned. Instead of trying to advocate for CAFO meats to remain available as a cheap source of meat we should be fighting to eliminate CAFO’s completely as they are an unsustainable enterprise which inevitably encourage overconsumption of meats and in extent promote obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and diseases of the like. We should be advocating to have our tax dollars be put toward subsidies that will further grass-fed farms and push for cheaper grass-fed meats. So much effort has been put towards maintaining the CAFO system but why is no effort really being put into bringing up the grass-fed movement. Throughout my research I realized that I could not find a single article which spoke kindly of CAFOs. I found hundreds of scholarly articles and essays which extolled grass-fed meats and others which criticized both but none that boldly supported CAFOs. This means that the secret is out and it’s just a matter of spreading the information and making the choice to stop eating inhumanely raised and environmentally unsustainable
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