Environmental Protection And Preservation Of A Large Automobile Company

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Environmental protection and preservation is a new pressure point that authorities and consumers are using to encourage manufacturers to adopt green production. In this case, as the operations manager of a large automobile company, the CEO has requested a meeting to discuss climate change and the implications for the enterprise. For the meeting to be fruitful, it is imperative that I prepare a briefing paper to address climate change and relate it to the company 's operations. Second, I need to furnish the CEO with possible alternatives in the fight against climate change. Therefore, the possible routes to green production, their ethical impacts, and the question of global warming and climate change from a manufacturing perspective are discussed. Industrialization and Climate Change Since the industrial revolution, the world embarked on a transformational mission and most countries shifted from agricultural-based economies to industrial-based powerhouses. The Great Britain that was the pioneer has since been overtaken by the United States and China. Again, the technological revolution that has characterized the world over the last one century introduced a raft of changes as manufacturers sought cheaper ways of producing goods. Industrialization brought mixed fortunes to the world in that on one hand, and life has been made incredibly easy with a broad range of utilities. On the contrary, industrialization has been criticized for environmental degradation and changing climatic conditions. For half a century now, there have been calls from governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other institutions to introduce measures to curb the adverse effects of industrialization. In the first place, industrialization is the sing... ... middle of paper ... ... production processes. The gas is harmful and contributes to climate change through acid rains. It can be removed from effluent gases by converting the gas to raw sulfur and oxygen gas. Similarly, most of the pollutants gases can be converted to other less harmful gases before effluents are released into the atmosphere. However, such operations are expensive because they require specialized separation procedures and expensive equipment. On an industrial scale, manufacturing companies may have to introduce new departments to address the issue of purifying the effluents. Carbon dioxide can be recycled or captured and sold to relevant industries such as those that produce sodium bicarbonate through the Solvay process. This approach exemplifies principle and is morally correct. It respects professional codes of practice to fight global warming. As such, it is ethical.

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