Environmental Management System (EMS) In An Organization

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Environmental Management System (EMS) in an Organization A small, growing manufacturing company that focuses on manufacturing lithium-ion battery for the automotive and aviation industries is seeking to expand into the European market in the near future. This strategy has been accompanied with plans of developing a manufacturing operation in the United Kingdom. However, the company needs to consider various aspects in its expansion strategy including corporate safety, health, and environmental protection. This would require the director of corporate safety, health and environment to develop a plan for environmental management system within the organization. This process entails having quarterly meetings with corporate management and formalizing…show more content…
Similar to the manner in which businesses create financial management systems to enhance efficient use and control of financial resources, they have recognized that environmental management systems can be developed and integrated into an organization’s structure and lessen environmental risks and concerns. The use of environmental management systems provides organizations with opportunities to increasingly efficiency and organization in addressing environmental concerns and issues. This is primarily because environmental management systems help integrate such concerns and issues into business decisions and practices. The systems provide a mechanism for controlling environmental responsibilities in an organized and systematic manner. The other way through which environmental management system is by bringing together plans, procedures, and people to control environmental concerns within the…show more content…
The system will also help compliance with environmental laws through identifying legal requirements and developing procedures to ensure compliance across environmental management initiatives. After identification of legal requirements and developing relevant procedures, the system will help the organization adhere to environmental laws by conducting audits to ensure the organization’s management follows the respective processes. In addition to policies, objectives, and emergency plans, an environmental management system helps in compliance with environmental regulations through incorporating regulatory requirements (Christini, Fetsko & Hendrickson, 2004,

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