Environmental Impacts Of Recycling

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Environmental impacts from pollution in landfills have caused a shift in different perspectives on what steps should be taken to reduce the amount of pollution. Society today has felt that throwing away waste products is a form of reduction in helping the environment. Many are not aware, however, that landfills are polluted with increasing amounts of waste that are either not biodegradable or perishable. Recycling is an environmentally beneficial solution to reducing millions of waste left in landfills, cutting down costs on energy resources, and clearing pollution from the environment. Recycling should therefore be mandated in schools, communities, and across the country.
Recycling is one of the many ways to turn waste products into reusable green eco-friendly everyday products and should be mandated to
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The “garbage” that is being produced and the “pollution” that is being lessened are all environmentally friendly methods that have been taken as a precautionary measure to ensure that recycling is effective. Green technologies provide new opportunities to expand the recycling movement. “Two-thirds of the steel produced in the U.S. is made from recycled materials…nearly every product is now recycled.” (Fried 46). Pollution and costs are not increased when manufactures process reusable products because less energy is needed in making products from old materials than trying to use new materials. Buying recycled does not cost more where “most of the green or recycled products are even less expensive than their ecologically unfriendly counterparts” (McVicker 94). Recycling used products will “reduce waste and protect forests and habitats from mining and clear cutting” (Fried 46). Without any stable recycling program or recycling site, the future of our environment will shatter. It is time for a change and for the younger generations to be educated in the true meaning of recycling for a better
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