Environmental Effects On The Environment

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Are you shocked that our environment is becoming an issue in the world today? Climate change which means there’s a significant and lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods raging form decades to million of years, is the main culprit in damaging our earths environment. Humans causes global warming by burning fossil fuels, coal, oil and gas cause global warming. Over the past 200 years carbon dioxide has been increasing and applied to the earths atmosphere. Humans are the ones who are causing the most damage to the earths environment, that movements are being made to put the mistake that humans are making to cause climate change (global warming) into perspective of how harmful the things humans do in their every day lives can and will effect the environment, this is so we can help to improve those affects. Rise of gasoline and oil prices have always been a big issue ever since the need for fossil fuels rose throughout the years, especially when the distribution and demand was increased for these fossil fuels. Fossil fuels in general (gasoline) are hurting the environment tremendously. The leading consumer of fossil fuels is the United States. When fossil fuels are burned it is one of the biggest causes to global warming and climate change. The carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere is slowly rising due to the burning of fossil fuels. The United States, who is the leading consumer of fossil fuels are trying to find a successful way of reducing the need for fossil fuels especially gasoline. The effects that humans have on the earths atmosphere didn’t just recently happen, it’s happened before in the past. Our future generations will be affected more then the people who are experiencing the af... ... middle of paper ... ...rbon dioxide in tress helps build their tissues and return some of it to the soil. The deforestation of rain forests is a large contributor to global warming and CO2 emissions. Planting trees can help offset this. There is no possible way to completely stop the use of fossil fuels entirely. Instead, there are positive ways energy sources, which could lower harmful carbon dioxide emission, which comes from the burning of fossil fuels and usage oils and gases, which would help slow down global warming and climate change. The burning of fossil fuels affects everyone and everything in the world by harming the environment and the earth’s atmosphere. If the human population doesn’t continue to find ways to help or to slow down global warming then the harmful effects on the environment will continue to get worse as time goes on, as it has done throughout the past years.
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