Environmental Effects Of Marine Debris: Citizen Science

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Marine Debris- Citizen Science
Pollution of the earth is a major limiting factor to the abundance of life on earth. Pollution of all kinds can kill wildlife, causes habitat degradation or destruction, create navigational hazards, and even destroy economies and human health (https://marinedebris.noaa.gov/sites/default/files/MD_Tracker_App_Flyer_FINAL.pdf). These effects, though, are most evident in marine environments. The dumping of waste, especially plastics, causes severe stress to the world’s oceans, rivers, lakes, and ponds. While scientist cannot know the exact extent that pollution is affecting the environment, one way in which scientists can go about determining the pollution of a region is Citizen Science, as Dickerson
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M., Gutierrez…). This is something that the Marine Debris Program is looking to eliminate. By removing the plastic from the water, and preventing it from leaking its chemicals, the eating of the plastic in general, and the prospect of these plastics being breeding grounds for dangerous pathogens, the marine environment would be safer for animals and humans alike. So, it is clear, the removal of this harmful debris, specifically plastic is something that must be done through this Citizen Science…show more content…
During that time, roughly fifty items were logged into the Marine Debris Items: NOAA Marine Debris Shoreline Survey Field Guide by using the Marine Debris Tracker Application provided by NOAA through their citizen science project, Marine Debris. To use this app, one would have to select one of the fourteen available lists, of which, Marine Debris Items: NOAA Marine Debris Shoreline Survey Field Guide is one, and begin to look for debris. Once a piece or pieces of debris are found, one would look for the classification given to that debris in the app. When that classification is found, the number of debris present that fit that classification should be put into the application. A photo of the debris can then be taken for record, but this is not necessary. This information should then be logged in on the application. One can continue to log debris information until one is finished, and then send the information into the list once the data collection process is

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