Environmental Effects Of Indoor Air Pollution

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The Effects of Indoor Air Pollution
The impact of indoor air pollution may be life-threatening. Children and the elderly are more vulnerable to indoor air pollution. Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) will affect human body and organ.
The effect of Indoor Air Pollution on the human respiratory system
Among the organs, respiratory system is the organ that directly affected by the air pollution agencies. Potential respiratory health has a significant impact on indoor and outdoor air pollution survey. This section is limited to non-carcinogenic and non-allergic effects. Lower respiratory tract (below the throat). Some of the effects of the respiratory system are associated with exposure to indoor air pollution which including acute and chronic changes
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Each of these can then lead to another. There are two types of sensory irritation, therefore, appear in the literature on indoor climate and air quality. The primary sensory irritation caused by direct stimulation of sensory cells by environmental exposure and the secondary irritation due to changes in the skin, mucous membranes or other tissues.
Inflammation is characterized by a sensation of heat (“calor"), red (“rubor"), swelling (“tumor"), pain (“angry") and certain loss of function in the affected tissues. Irritative effects on tissues can be a big annoyance either in terms of the severity of the impact on individuals or in terms of the number of people affected. Host factors such as hyper reactivity can play a role. Signs and symptoms of effects on the skin and mucous membranes may appear in the contacts on bare skin, mucosa or other tissues is reflected in the other as a reflex. Irritative effects cause changes in the skin tissues and mucous membranes have been reported in a variety of forms, although they are rarely seen to follow exposure to normal indoor air. Signs and symptoms are often unspecific and each may be caused by a number of different exposure factors. Also, some exposure can cause a number of signs and symptoms vary. The effect is most often associated with indoor air quality seems to be a reaction to the acute physiological or sensory, psychological reactions and changes of subacute exposure to environmental
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