Environmental Education Case Study

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Political and economic factors are the main causes of environmental related problems. However, the society is also a crucial factor to consider. We , as citizens, must work hand in hand with the government in order to make changes. Taking that into consideration, we are going to discover further in two aspects, which are education and infrastructure between London and Beijing. First of all, education plays an important role in shaping society 's common practice. Both British and Chinese government have put great emphasis on introducing environmental protection topics into the regular curriculum. Environmental education started as a cross curricular theme in 1990. Education for sustainable development (ESD) was introduced in 2000. Followed…show more content…
Though the Chinese government has put their eye on the issue, it takes time to make chances in the highly populated society. Also, nongovernmental donation supports a lot in academic development. Authorities in China and the UK have provided loads of funding for education. Something worth noticing is that the UK has several independent charitable organisation, for example,uk national association of environmental education (NAEE) and sustainability and environmental education (SEEd) that support teaching about the environment in the formal education sector. They will host training courses for educators, promote ESD and support sustainable school. Not only the UK government but also the community plays a crucial part. On the contrary, the traditional mindset of Chinese students is to get into high ranked instruction. Living in a highly competitive study environment, most of them tend to focus on the main subjects. Inevitably, the non exam oriented subject is easily neglected. Therefore, even if they get loads of fundings, only a small amount of them was used for environmental
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