Environmental Crsis on Earth

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The earth is facing an environmental crisis on a scale unprecedented in human history. This crisis is due to high levels of human pain and, if it continues, the human life on the planet disappears. People often say that the reason that the world is in its current state is because there are too many people or because of modern technology. Global pollution growth has led to increasing pressure on worldwide natural resources including air, water, land, and raw materials; and modern societies have generated an increasing demand for the use of industrial chemicals. The use of chemicals has resulted in great benefits in raising the level of living, giving conveniences to human life and upgrading the environment. But, if the chemicals stay used with large quantities, the environmental and human health impacts have become a concern. Today, there is a much better understanding of the mechanisms that determine how chemicals are transported and transformed in the environment and what their environmental and human health impacts are. This essay will discuss the causes and effects of global environmental issues; and who are the responsible to solve them and how. One of the greatest problems that the world is facing is environmental pollution. It is increasing over years and causing grave and irreparable damage to the earth. It consists of five type of pollution namely: air, water, soil, noise and light. By far, the pollution of air is the most harmful form of pollution in environment. It is caused by the injurious smoke emitted by cars, buses, trucks, trains and factories. The evidence of increasing air pollution is seen in asthma, lung cancer, allergies and various breathing problems. Even the most natural phenomenon of migratory birds has... ... middle of paper ... ...nt in order to solve these environmental issues. Works Cited Global warming melts last stable of Greenland’s Zachariae ice stream [Internet]. ABC News. Available from: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-03-17/global-warming-melts-greenland-ice-sheet/5324848.html [Accessed 17 March 2014]. Johannes C. Laube, Mike J. Newland, Christopher Hogan, Carl A.M. Brenninkmeijer, Paul J. Fraser, Patricia Martinerie, David E. Oram, Claire E. Reeves, Thomas Rockmann, Jackob Schwander, Emmanuel Witrant, William T. Sturges. Newly detected ozone-depleting substances in the atmosphere. Nature Geoscience, 2014. Brown, Donald A. The Ethical Dimensions of Global Environmental issues (2001) [Internet]. 130 Daedalus, Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 59; Winder Law School Legal Studies Research Paper No. 13-54. Available from: http://ssrn.com/abstract=230439

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