Environmental Concerns

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The future existence of all living and nonliving things found here on planet earth are dependent on how the environment is treated as a whole. As human beings, we have our own wants and needs, as well as our own hopes and dreams for the future. Our wants, needs, and dreams drive our actions and affect the ways in which we treat and interact with the environment around us. We have undoubtedly made countless accomplishments by using resources from the environment around us, yet we often fail to consider the possible consequences of our accomplishments. What one person sees as an accomplishment may be seen in a completely different light by someone else living nearby, or even across the globe. Since our actions effect our environment, and the environment affects us, environmental issues are relevant to us all. Drilling for oil is one issue which I personally find to be of great concern. When we drill for oil, we are able to feed the needs of our oil based economy, which can be looked at as a good thing, as we are promoting a certain kind of economic growth. Despite the good that can come from drilling, however, I tend to find that the problems we are creating are far greater than the good we can benefit from. When we drill oil, we exploit the land, essentially making it beneficial for only one agenda; the agenda of the oil companies. While destroying the land beyond recovery, we also create pollution in the air we breathe and water we drink. I don’t know anyone who would choose to live in the toxic environment we are creating, over an environment free from pollution. I guess my concern lies in the fact that we tend to value growth, material goods, and economic success over the quality of our own lives and living environ... ... middle of paper ... ... a difference, not just in the case of Prudehoe and The Arctic Refuge, but in most any environmental issue. A change can also be made by simply doing our part to reduce how much oil we may use individually. When we buy something, we can buy from companies that are doing their part to promote sustainability. Renewable sources of energy are being developed, and if we continue to promote this development, there should be less concern regarding oil and gas drilling. The government also has a role to enforce restrictions and promote sustainability. We might not be able to make a difference over night, but in the case of oil and gas drilling, I believe we can each make a difference. Making changes to the ways in which we are used to living may be a great deal of work, but once these changes start to be made, I believe we will have a great deal less to worry about.
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