Environmental Catastrophes in the Global South

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The welfare of humanity is currently in jeopardy as a result of re-occurring environmental predicaments that are happening across the globe. This includes Global warming, deforestation; extinction and toxic waste have captured the attention of many across the world. Environmental catastrophes are unfairly blamed on the Global South. Firstly many of these underdeveloped nations do not have strict environmental laws. Secondly the concept of sustainability for transnational corporations has proven to not be seen as proficient way to limit the growth of production in order to sustain a better ecosystem. This allowing poor marginalized factions in the Global South to be deceitfully accused although these nations carry the burden due to developed countries taking advantage of underdeveloped nations. Thirdly it is the poor and marginalized in the global south who must suffer. Water wars and power have placed the marginalized and poor in a position that is difficult to overcome. Power and inequality allows countries to point the finger to those who are least responsible for environmental impacts. The depletion of the earth’s natural resources and the damages that have impacted the environment is caused by the methods used by established nation-states; due to their over consumption of resources. The rapid overexploitation of these resources are caused by places such as America and parts of Europe, they are taking advantage of underdeveloped nations such as Nigeria in order to sustain their high consumptions of resources and abundant lifestyle. The issues highlighted above, is in fact the main contributors to the current environmental crisis. Author Deborah Sick and Maggie Black make strong arguments on how and why the global south should ...

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...rnments should aid in replenishing natural resources instead of industrializing. Projects should take place in isolated areas so it does not impact the poor and marginalized people the reason being: effects on their health, agriculture, land, and livelihood would not be displaced or harmed.
It has become clear that the underdeveloped world have been unfairly blamed for the current environment crises that are both caused by developed and developing nations. The global south are carrying the blame for their issues when in fact they are the ones being the most impacted by what first world nations are forcing upon them. The power of the developed nations allows them to turn a blind eye to those they are inflicting pain on. Based on all of the research, facts are pointing to developed nations as the culprits of environmental distress on the global south.

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