Environmental Barriers Of Disabled People

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There are numerous disabilities that exist in the world today that can affect people’s physical or mental ability which can be taken care of through rehabilitation or medication. Despite science and psychology’s progress at providing more help for people with disabilities, they are still at risk for discrimination and segregation in society. Even regardless of the societal barriers that exist against people with disabilities, environmental barriers such as stairs or lack of transportation can greatly limit a person with disabilities’ access to the world. These obstacles exist in Hong Kong and it can lead to isolation, depression and restricted opportunities. Although Hong Kong along with other countries has passed ordinances to help combat some of the discrimination that they face, it is still an ongoing process for people with disabilities to be included. They are often denied by opportunities because there is an assumption that they wouldn’t be as good anyways or that it wouldn’t matter because they are disabled. These notions deny the opportunity for disabled people to have the chance to have a good life and to build their capacity for their talents whatever it may be. Many organizations have popped up in the last decade or so in Hong Kong and also in other countries to provide a place where disabled people can have a chance to do arts such as Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong. These organizations have helped raise awareness of such a need to include disabled people rather than to render them invisible. This essay argues that art is powerful and it provides a space of creativity and innovation that can be critical at societal perceptions of disabilities and to allow people with disabilities to gain an important place... ... middle of paper ... ... there are countless of success stories where people with disabilities have found their lives significantly improved due to the help of art. But it is not easy for people with disabilities who have mental and/or physical obstacles ahead of them, luckily, some do have assistance in terms of economics and accessibility. In Hong Kong, it is much more bleak for people with disabilities and even though there is an organization that gives accessibility for people with disabilities – it is simply not enough for the whole city. There needs to be more advocates for disability rights in Hong Kong, and campaigns to ease discrimination like the campaigns about race. People with disabilities can contribute to society but in different ways that require simple innovation and creativity which lies on the prerequisite of open-mindedness and opportunity. Art is a good place to start.

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