Environmental And Social Impact: Environmental And Social Effects

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Environmental and Social Impact
. Appropriateness of Infiltration
Pollution to environment is always a big concern in all rainwater infiltration designs. Pretreatment of rainwater is required in all kinds of processes before the cutoff infiltrates into the ground. Yet, designers and decision makers should also pay close attention to the condition of the land where water management programs will be carried out. Rainwater infiltration projects will be of great benefits if such practices are feasible and environmentally protective. However, if such projects are implemented on sites where pollutants present, the pollutants may be mobilized to increase groundwater contamination. We can define such sites as brownfields where redevelopment or reuse may be complicated by the presence (or likely presence) of contamination (EPA, July 2013).
Prior land uses and the types of activities that took place on the site are often good predictors of whether there will be contaminants and wastes in the soil
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For example, installing infiltration could have a negative effect on vertical barriers that are designed to keep contamination from moving laterally because increased hydraulic pressure caused by infiltration will increase leakage through the barriers and reduce its effectiveness over time. Infiltration can also interfere with a soil vapor extraction system that is commonly installed to reduce the vapor pressure beneath buildings to evacuate any vapor risk that may be caused by contaminants beneath the building. In this case, infiltration can raise the groundwater table which may prevent the soil vapor extraction system from working properly and result in high volumes of condensate from the vapor collected which is commonly contaminated (EPA, July 2013). When decisions are being made, all these factors should be taken into consideration on a case-by-case

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