Environmental Advantages Of Urbanization

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In 1998, an interview surveys were conducted in the Harbin area of Heilongjiang Province which located in north east part of China. Harbin is one of the ten largest cities in China and therefore, there was a high concentration of rural-urban migrants. Since the dual nature of urban labour market consists of formal and informal sector, there were two separate surveys conducted in Harbin City. Interviews in the urban informal sector survey used the open-ended questionnaires and the sampling was random because 131 workers were selected randomly at all places. The results are 90% of them were of rural origin and it means majority of labour force participate in urban informal sector implying informal sectors could provide lots of employment opportunities…show more content…
Optimization of land used is an important planning procedure because it defines certain activities can take place and determine the effect of urbanization. As an example, high rise construction uses as residential or office building to cope with population densities in order to decrease the land consumption per head (Kraas, 2007). This means that cities that grows vertically with high rise construction is more favourable than to those that grows horizontally occupying more land, in a way damaging the ecosystem of rural land (Clemente, 2014). Besides that, urban economics suggest that compactness is the key determinant of energy use and people living in urban city are encouraged to walk or cycle rather than driving (Wan,

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