Environmental Advantages Of Solar Energy And The Environment

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Solar energy is one of the useful resources, which do not impact on the environment. Today, some consumers use fossil fuel, which is nonrenewable and cause pollution, rather than other sources. Fossil fuel can make the air unhealthy by releasing carbon dioxide; therefore, solar energy is great because it is renewable energy and it is replaced. Solar energy as the same other sources has many uses, some of them can be dangerous especially if consumers use it in a wrong way and some of them can be useful and helpful for the environment; therefore, there are environmental advantages of solar energy. Overall, solar energy is an alternative source and can be used in many ways: to protect the environment since it is non-polluting, can be used in remote areas, and can be used in many devices.
Solar energy can be used as an alternative for fossil fuels because it is non-polluting. Solar power does not emit harmful gasses like other
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Solar energy can be produced by solar panels as long as the sunlight reaches the place. Moreover, people who live in the remote areas and in the dark places without electricity, there life might be improved by solar energy. According to Shezan et al. (2016), Malaysia is one of the examples that use solar energy in the remote areas because it is a hilly country. As a result, extending electricity in this area is difficult and expensive, so people tried to use several sources such as solar, wind, and hybrid rather than fossil fuel (p. 7). While there is not any electricity in some houses in the remote areas, people use solar panel on the roof of the houses to collect the solar energy to use for their devices and their daily life especially at night since there is not any light. Therefore, solar energy might enhance and develop the remote areas by a helpful renewable
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