Environment and Industry

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In recent decades, science and technology have been progressing by leap and bounds. Industrial productivity has been increased as well. However, our environment is deteriorating at a rapider pace. Every year, people consume mineral fuel, develop and use chemicals, which upset the ecological balance of the earth. Once the environment is destroyed, it’s hard to repair the damage and the consequences will be too ghastly to contemplate. Therefore, compared with industrialism and progress, environmental stewardship is far more important. It’s the first consideration in other to achieve sustainable development.
Excessive industrialism and progress cause environmental problems. In most industrialized nations, the greatest source of pollution is the industrial community. Factories discharge massive industrial waste into rivers, lakes, oceans so that water is polluted seriously. Chemicals, metals, and radioactive substance aggravate water quality and seriously impact function. Creatures in contaminated water are polluted, even die out. If people eat the fish in contaminated water or drink contaminated water will get sick, too. Air contamination is another environmental problem caused by industrialism and progress. Industrial production is the major cause of it. Factories pollute the air with black smoke, which includes dust, oxides of sulfur and of nitrogen. As a result, haze will lay over cities and acid rain destroys trees and corrodes buildings. There was a lesson in India. On the 3rd December 1984, poisonous methyl isocyanate gas leaked from the Union Carbide pesticide factory in the city. Thousands were killed immediately. Thousands more were to die from the effects of that night, in the months and years that followed. But two decades...

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...ronment. European legislation lays down rules aimed at preventing pollution and repairing the damage companies cause to the environment. It also contains measures aimed at promoting the development of environmentally friendly industrial activities. (EUROPA: Summaries of EU legislation, 03.02.2006)
Excessive industrial progress cause a lot of environmental problems which do harms to people’s health and destroy the ecological balance. It results in an irretrievable injury to the profits. In order to avoid this situation, people should attach importance to environmental stewardship more than industrialism and progress.

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