Environment and Forest Lost

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Coral reefs are striking, complicated, and important features and structures of the marine environment. Reefs are geologic formations constructed from accumulated skeletons of limestone-secreting animals and plants. The intimately linked plant-animal communities that created them are representative of an ecosystem that occurs in tropical and subtropical waters of oceans and seas across the planet, most commonly in shallow oceanic water near the coast that is often close to land. Coral reefs have the highest biodiversity of any marine ecosystem, and they provided important ecosystem services and direct economic benefits to the large and growing human populations in coastal zones. The natural habitat of coral reefs near the intersection of land, sea, and air are both varied and variable, and is a potentially stressful and sensitive environment. Reef organisms have evolved certain adaptations spanning over hundreds of millions of years to cope with the recurring disturbances of: damage or destruction, followed by certain rates of recovery and regrowth in which the environment setting may played a stimulus for the rates of recovery. These are natural features of coral reef history. However, recent global increases in reef ecosystem destruction and degradation appeared to be sending a clear message that the rate and nature of recent environmental changes are frequently exceeding the adaptive capacity of coral reef organisms and communities. Tropical rainforests covered 30 million square kilometers, over 10 percent of the Earth’s land surface. They originally covered at least twice that area. Tropical rainforest received 4 to 8 meters of rain a year. This produces heavy vegetation which deflects the rainfall so that water reaches the fo... ... middle of paper ... ...e rainforest provides huge amount of oxygen for us so destroying it will result in the end of the human race for us. 5. Coral reefs are a biologically diverse environment. This means that there is variety of species living on coral reefs that is greater than any ecosystems anywhere else in the world. Coral reef ecosystems are like bustling cities, with buildings made of coral and thousands of marine inhabitants coming and going, interacting with one another similar to humans and their everyday lives, carrying out their business. In this sense, coral reefs are the sea's main metropolises. Without coral reefs and the rainforest the world will be driven into chaos without its benefits so spare this undeveloped old growth tropical rain forest and a coral reef from destruction by development and let this designated areas be a national park with its bustling life force.
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