Entry Level Position Essay

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In every company or organization, no matter how big or how small, there will be employees and someone in a supervisory position to guide them; perhaps a manager. Being an employee can be a learning experience and if the company is the right fit for the employee, a career with the company can flourish. For example, an employee can start in an entry-level position and climb the corporate ladder to an executive position growing as the company does. An entry-level employee who is aware of the policies, culture, mission, and goals of an organization can move forward by taking advantage of continuous learning, knowledge management, and informal and formal training. Therefore, an entry-level position can be a great way to start a career.…show more content…
To explore the answer to that question, one needs to examine performance management, job analysis, and employee satisfaction to elaborate on how a position and retention within a company can develop and flourish into a career for an…show more content…
For instance, a co-worker may get married and have a child, suddenly their goals in life have changed to include not just providing for one person, now there are three. Likewise, the goals of a company can change for having the best product to having the best products, customer service, and employees. Performance management has a hand in making both scenarios better. As a matter of fact the Milica Jaksic and Milos Jaksic (2013) article, Performance management and employee satisfaction, discusses how the relationship with performance management and employee satisfaction correlates and having satisfied happy employees can assist in a profitable gain (Jaksic & Jaksic, 2013). Also in George Lazaroio”s (2015) article, Employee motivation and job performance, he elaborates on the thought process that it is the organizations’ responsibility to satisfy the employees with things like a suitable benefit package (Lazaroio, 2015). Some employers go above and beyond by letting employees buy shares, giving opportunities for educational benefits, having special activities for their families, and even providing daycare facilities (Noe, et al, 2015); although some of these items can be expensive, for instance, daycare, set up in a company. It can be worth the cost if a wage earners yield would increase or stay constant due to child care issues. When the employees are happy at work
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