Entrepreneurship Strategy Essay

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In developing an entrepreneurship strategy, a thorough review must be conducted in order to determine if one has the qualities, skill sets and desire. These elements is key in determining the adventure is able to proceed to the next phase of analyzing the business strategy modules to determine the best avenue and business to proceed for optimal success. A summation of my personal strategy will highlight personal work history and experience, motivation and key driving characteristics to assist in achieving goals and evaluation of market opportunities, financial performance and industry need or desire for business path chosen.
Profile exhibits a high energy level individual that requires stimulation and challenges to feel energized
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The vacation rental property is primarily a focus on our passion for the area and the ability to get- away ourselves to the area. Doing all the work ourselves in managing the rentals, major upkeep and advancements on the property has been rewarding but a bit of labor of love. The goal of both of these businesses is to supplement our retirement or afford additional start-up capital for our plans in the south.
Entrepreneurial Mind and Management Competencies Highest rankings in marketing in all aspect except in areas of distribution management and search engine optimization. Operations and production management score in the low four to high three. My employment history has prepared me well for financial management and understanding of accounting cycle and process, recognizing opportunities and making adjustment in business decisions and operations for financial viability and profitability. In evaluating administration, subcategories and the scoring outcomes range in the high fours except in areas of information management systems. Possess strong skill set in negotiations, project management in both personal businesses and employed leadership roles. IT, is something that is easily outsourced and not a barrier in decision-making
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