Entrepreneur In Bhutan Case Study

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Bhutan which is a small developing country, over the years have made significant development both politically and socially and has seen its economy grow to some extent over the period of time. With the growth in the country’s economy as well as improvement in technologies and facilities, more and more employment opportunities are available. Although with the positive and steady pace of its development, increasing number of graduates has flooded the job market making it hard to find employment in both public and private sectors. This has led to students take up entrepreneurship after graduation to create their own source of livelihood. Entrepreneurship was in the past a less preferred option of line of work and most of the graduates looked…show more content…
The challenges most of the entrepreneurs face in Bhutan are the lack of resources available in the country. The resources to manufacture products are scarce in the country and it hence hinders the productivity and capabilities of the entrepreneurs. The other challenges the entrepreneurs face are the unavailability of advanced technologies and machineries. Advanced technologies and machineries are expensive and not available in the country and hence the entrepreneurs have to settle with low end equipment and technologies which disrupts the quality of the products. Better technologies have to be imported and are far more expensive for purchase. Another challenge the entrepreneurs or the ones wanting to become entrepreneurs face are getting approval to start their business and for the banks and financial institutions to grant them loans. Lack of financial aid causes different entrepreneurs not to set their business plan into reality. Lastly most of the people are hesitant in taking up entrepreneurship due to high chances of failure to make profits, criticism from various organizations and individuals and the hard work and perseverance needed in this…show more content…
There should be more number of entrepreneurs in Bhutan as these private organizations are more likely to generate employment opportunities. With the job market flooded with graduates and post graduates, entrepreneurs can help reduce or even solve unemployment in the country. Entrepreneurs can also introduce advanced technologies and equipment which can help in the country’s development. Private organizations are more innovative and with the increase in the number of entrepreneurs, more new innovations can take place in the country. Another reason why more number of entrepreneurs should be encouraged is due to new business ideas, the society and the country is greatly benefited. Business such as waste management can not only help the entrepreneurs in making fair amount of profit but they can as well benefit the society by helping them keep the environment

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