Entrepreneur Characteristics Essay

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Personality Traits and Characteristics
Carter, Gartner, Shaver & Gatewood (2003) found out that the main reasons that people create enterprises are self-realization, financial success, roles, innovation, recognition and independence and Hill (2002) stated that entrepreneurs are unique beings with equally unique set of features that motivate their entrepreneurial activities
In the psychological approach to entrepreneurship an entrepreneur is viewed as a set of personality traits and characteristics. Although a lot of research was done on entrepreneurial characteristics, there is still no definitive list. Jeffrey Timmons and colleagues (Timmons et al. 1990) in their review on personal characteristics and role requirements for entrepreneurs identified
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The need for achievement and risk taking propensity motivate entrepreneurs. (McClelland, 1961). Colton and Udel (1976) claimed that it is this risk bearing ability that distinguish entrepreneurs from others. Entrepreneurs believe that their destiny is determined by their actions and locus of control is the extent to which people believe that they are in control of their life. (Rotter, 1966) and is one key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. They are different from people who felt their lives are dominated by external forces like luck or…show more content…
More and more countries are giving more and more importance to entrepreneurship studies and entrepreneurial programmes which have contributed largely to develop and shape an attitude and inclination towards entrepreneurship as a career in students. But still there is a popular question if entrepreneurs are born or made. There have been lot of research to determine if entrepreneurs are a special breed of human, with a need to achieve and succeed or if they can be created through education, training and
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