Entreperneurial Essay

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Entrepreneurs are people who organize and operate a business or businesses taking greater than normal financial risks. Entrepreneurs create a vision in their mind of a service or product to invent or create. These services allow the average person’s life to be easier. People are just and entrepreneurs created devices easy accessible and services simple to use. During times of war when industry increases is when entrepreneurs are most successful. According to the video "inventing the Future: Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalist and the American Dream." While the Cold War was happening capitalist and communist were trying to make their technology better. This is when technology was increased and brought to a whole new level. Steve Jobs hard to work with, stubborn and unappealing was innovative, motivated, and highly successful. He invented the "Apple One" which was the first at home computer. First created in his father’s garage then made and sold every day in a huge company still popular today; Apple. My entrepreneurial idea is a pillow that sends subliminal messages while you sleep to help study for important upcoming test, quizzes, exams, finals etc. Inspired mostly by students like myself that can't study without being sidetracked by our phone or videos games even television shows. You type what you need to remember or study into a small tablet phone sized located in the back of the pillow. You can type any subject and any language for the students who take foreign language classes. What you type will then be repeated back to you while you sleep. You can turn the volume up or down depending on how light or heavy sleeper you are. When the pillow senses that your head has been raised it stops so you won't miss anything. It's cus... ... middle of paper ... ...r college or tablets to organize and help complete home work. Best Buy is also a possible industry to sell the pillow for the back to school products as well as staples which is visited year round for school products. The study pillow benefits students and parents who have students. It increases the students understanding in a topic or topics in school and it give their parent the secure feeling that their child is doing good in school. It's also good for students who can't study for more than 10 minutes not only because they are being sidetracked but because they simply do not understand and have parents who also do not understand what they are being taught in school. Math changes and only gets harder as the student moves up a grade and some parents can't understand it. The study pillow is an easy way for the student to study and better understand just by sleeping.

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